Fall Newsletter

It is fall again in Camden Ridge and October is another big month for many young children. Not only are there school and sports and extracurricular activities to think about but there is a special day at the end of the month where children have the opportunity to dress up and collect treats from neighbors. This is a time that celebrates life and it celebrates the memory of those who are no longer with us. Remember that on October 31st, people will be walking around during dusk and evening hours dressed in costumes in order to celebrate this tradition. They will be visiting every home collecting treats and trinkets. Keep in mind how exciting this is for them so be sure to have plenty of candies or treasures to pass out. If you are home and looking to pass out items, be certain to have your portico or front lamp on to invite trick-or-treat'ers to ring your bell or knock on your door. If you need to be out during this time, remember to drive slowly in the neighborhood, a lot of people especially children will be out. Take care of your pets during this time as well, make certain they are secured safely in your home. For those of you who are festive in spirit, consider decorating the front landscape of your property to showcase your individual personality and to help sustain the tradition.

Fall is also a great time to mulch your property wherever groundcover is needed. Trees shed their leaves quickly and it is best to try and keep them off the yard and driveway. Clean up can be a family activity. Rake leaves into piles for children or pets to play in. Later on, gather the leaves into debris bags to place on the curb for Friday pick up. You can take the opportunity to plant trees before the cold sets in during early and mid fall as well.

Coyotes and hawks have been spotted for awhile now in Roswell. Be certain to keep your cats, bunnies and dogs inside, especially at night. Don’t leave pets unattended or free roaming as this increases risk. Coyotes are generally of little concern to people (in this area) but they are scavengers and they have been known to hunt or lure domestic animals away from the safety of their homes and human protection. Please be careful of your companions.

Thank you all and enjoy the lovely weather!